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Bunny & Bear
Miss Galaxy Jennifer Norgins
Footballer Sexy Bill Willyrims
Pride Award Awards COLOUR
Desperate Housewife COLOUR
Fashion Is...? COLOUR
Aberzombie & Feltch Salesguy Sam
Paradise Pounders Baseballer Bill
Coach Martin
Club Trash Bartender Beng
Drag Diva/Author Miss Teri
Hunk Hunt Winner Finalist A
Hunk Hunt Finalist B
Hunk Hunt Finalist C
Hunk Hunt Finalist D
Fire Captain Dick Johnson
Footballer/Police Detective Jeff
Footballer/Actor Chris Hevans
Miguel The Gardener
Lifeguard Luke
Underwear Model Mike
Steve The Plumber
Policeman Jon
Personal trainer Petey
Club Pix
Welcome To Paradise Passage COVER
Hunk Hunt Voting Form